1″ Leather Grips

We decided there needed to be a game changer in leather grips. So this is what Speed Of Cheese Racing and us at BearScar have come up with.

Some of you may have seen them on BMW Alpha now put them on yours.

We start with CNC machined cad designed sleeve that is 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. With that we stack and glue leather rings on to the sleeves. Then it’s off to the finishing touches.

Choose Harley Cable Pull or Throttle by Wire bar grips below.

Cable Pull

1" Harley Cable Pull Leather Grips with Polished Hardware, Saddle Tan Leather, and BearScar Signature Ends

Throttle by Wire

1" Harley Leather Grips with Polished Hardware, Brown Leather, and Speed of Cheese Signature Ends (w/ logo)